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flashing lights
my name is shelly. i'm 16 years old. my passions are music, writing, photoshop & one tree hill. i'm different & comparative at the same time with other girls. if i love, then i love with all my heart. if i hate, i hate with all my heart. i adore my friends & i'm very thankful, cuz without them i wouldn't be the person i am now. and i like the person i am now so, lol.

hear the music in the world
my musicstyle is very complicated. i love r&b, elektro, hiphop, techno, but also rock, emo, punk, ... my favourite artists & bands are alicia keys; 50 cent; air traffic; akon; avril lavigne; bethany joy lenz; beyoncé; bow bow; omarion; brace; brahim, britney spears; bryan greenberg; cassie; chris brown!! <3; christina aguilera; ciara; craig david; dashboard confessional; david guetta; dj cammy; dj coone; the dream; enrique iglesias; fabolous; fall out boy; fergie; fouradi; frankie j; the fray; gavin degraw; goo goo dolls; gym class heroes; hellogoodbye; high school musical; jason mraz; jay-z; john dahlback; jojo; justin timberlake; kanye west; kelly clarkson; leona lewis; lil eddie; linkin park; lostprophets; lsd; lumidee; lupe fiasco; mariah carey; mario; mario vazquez; maroon 5; massari; mêlée; mika; nas; nelly furtado; ne-yo; nickelback; nicole scherzinger; nino; nsync; one republic; panic at the disco; pink; plain white t's; pussycat dolls; r. kelly; rick ross; rihanna!! <3; robbie williams; sean kingston; shakira; soulja boy; raking back sunday; three days grace; timbaland; tom helsen; trey songz; tyler hilton; tnt; usher; yes-r;

beautiful lie
on my livejournal you will find my creative things. like poems, icons, lyrics, ... but you will also find memes, pics, music posts, etcetc. you won't find much about my personal life, this is because of different reasons, but i hope you'll understand this :) if you think we might share some interests, friend me, i always love new friends..

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